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Accomplished Daphne, AL Business Litigation Lawyers Protect Your Investment

Skilled trial attorneys deliver positive results on the Eastern Shore

No matter how carefully you plan, business and commercial disputes are inevitable. However, prudent and skilled management of legal conflicts can protect your company from crushing losses and preserve the value of your business transactions, relationships, and assets. At O’Hara Watkins, our business litigation attorneys have a reputation for professionalism and ethical representation. We draw on more than 45 years of combined experience to analyze issues, identify goals, recommend strategies, and pursue optimal results. We are usually able to resolve business disputes through negotiations, mediation or arbitration. But if justice requires us to go to state or federal court, we have proven ourselves able to present a compelling case at trial and on appeal.

Determined representation for a variety of business conflicts

O’Hara Watkins provides trustworthy litigation services for businesses and consumers in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Banking and creditor issues — We represent borrowers and lenders in disputes over finance agreements, including lender liability claims.
  • Breach of contract — We represent plaintiffs and defendants in actions for breaches of business and commercial contracts, including employment contracts, executive compensation packages, severance agreements, partnership and shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, and commercial leases.
  • Business bankruptcy — Our attorneys represent debtors and creditors in business bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Business torts — We manage a variety of business tort claims, including wrongful interference, unfair competition, theft of trade secrets, disparagement, and computer torts.
  • Construction disputes — We represent plaintiffs and defendants, including landowners, developers, homeowners and homeowners associations, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and sureties.
  • Insurance issues — Our litigators represent insurance companies and policyholders in coverage disputes and bad faith claims.
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes — We manage all types of corporate governance issues, including ownership disputes, actions alleging shareholder oppression, freeze-out or squeeze-out allegations, and business divorce.

When clients come to us with a business law dispute, we are highly responsive to their concerns. We work closely with them to craft an appropriate strategy and aggressively pursue their goals for resolution.

Common remedies for breach of business contracts

Not every contractual dispute has to end up in court. At O’Hara Watkins, we understand it’s often more important to preserve the value of the deal than to enforce a disputed term. We take proactive steps to “heal the deal” before escalating the issue in an adversarial proceeding. We often discover the heart of the problem is a misunderstanding of expectations under the contract, often due to imprecise contractual language. In such situations, it’s generally appropriate to reform a contract to preserve the deal and the business relationship.

When a breach clearly has occurred, we take decisive steps to minimize the damage to our client and recover losses whenever possible. Such remedies can include:

  • Rescission and restitution — The contract is voided and the breaching party reimburses the nonbreaching party for expenditures in reliance on the contract.
  • Specific performance — This is a court order that the breaching party must fulfill the contract. A judge only orders such a remedy when monetary damages are inadequate.
  • Liquidated damages — Here, the breaching party must pay amounts stipulated in the contract to the nonbreaching party.
  • Damages — The breaching party pays compensation to the nonbreaching party for economic losses due to the breach. These may include lost profits.

The choice of a remedy and the calculation of damages depend on many factors. To recover your losses, or receive the greatest protection from liability for losses, you must only trust your case to an experienced and accomplished business litigator.

Contact our Daphne, AL business litigators for skillful representation

If you are engaged in a business dispute anywhere on the Eastern Shore, you can trust O’Hara Watkins for skillful and determined representation. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 251-414-7772 or contact our Daphne office online. We are located at 1307 Main Street, just off U.S. 98.

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